We at Sioux Falls Bitcoin are South Dakota’s primary source for Bitcoin education. Our team specializes in presenting clear and concise information to a variety of audiences, including individuals and organizations. With years of experience, we strive to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge, as we believe it has the power to transform society.

Services We Provide


We provide Bitcoin education that focuses on the benefits of economic liberty and freedom that Bitcoin offers to society. Our easy-to-understand presentations cover what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why people should care about it.

We focus our presentations on the potential of Bitcoin beyond its financial value. Our goal is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about using Bitcoin as a tool for financial freedom.


Our consulting services assist individuals and companies in utilizing Bitcoin, from using it for commerce to saving money in it, and preparing users for the future of finance. We provide guidance on how to effectively integrate Bitcoin into their financial strategies and help them navigate the complex landscape.


We have partnered with Azte.co, which sells Bitcoin vouchers. Contact us for quick, easy, secure, and safe face-to-face purchase of vouchers that are instantly redeemable for Bitcoin, both on-chain or lightning network.